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One of the few "staged" shots in my collection. This is an extreme close up of a little flower picked from the back garden. Taken in the days before I owned genuine extension tubes, for this picture I handheld the camera with the Zuiko 50 f1.8 ("Made in Japan" version, for those who must know!) at the end of a black cardboard tube, giving approximately 15cm extension. The lens was stopped down to f11 by taping the DOF preview button. The flower was sitting on a piece of dark grey cloth, and lit by direct flash from behind, using a Vivitar 1800 on a cord from the camera PC socket. I'd like to say that I calculated the exposure using the appropriate formulae for extension, but really it was guesswork and bracketing.


Olympus OM1, Zuiko 50 f1.8, cardboard tube, Vivitar 1800, Velvia

© Dylan Sutton, 1999